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KMB Press Release about deployment of Netcare's Mesh Network Solution in Bus Terminals
Reported by Hong Kong Economic Time about Netcare's WiFi Network Deployment for education industry
在國慶60周年閱兵大慶活動中,MOBOTIX Q24M 360度全景攝像機通過中央警衛局嚴格的技術和效果測試,順利地被安裝在天安門城樓和胡主席的檢閱車上,記錄下這一令全國人民光榮和驕傲的歷史時刻
Wing Lung Bank, requires high security surveillance systems, Netcare Solution meets their needs
Louis Vuitton - deployed Netcare Mobotix Camera as its surveillance solution
Hong Kong Sports Institute deployed PEPWAVE OfficePoint as its WiFi Network
Cartier - deployed Netcare Mobotix Camera and NAS Storage solution at Warehouse
Hong Kong Housing Society deployed Netcare MyPowerCart BYOD for iPAD Pro Charging.
ICBC bank deployed Netcare MyPowerCart BYOD for the training of their staffs
Education Bureau deployed Netcare MyPowerCart BYOD for iPAD Charging.
Vocational Training Council (VTC) Tailor made MyPowerCart for library
Dah Sing Bank deployed MyPowerCart BYOD for the training room
Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC) deployed Transition Networks Media Converter for media converson of various signal transmission system within stations
Sucessful Case
Reported by Hong Kong Economic Time about Netcare's WiFi Network Deployment for education industry
Netcare Technology, leading WiFi Network Solution provider, today announced that Hong Kong’s Ho Lap Primary School has deployed Netcare’s Wi-Fi Network, allowing more than 1,200 students and teachers to gain full wireless IT connectivity across campus. Ho Lap Primary School (sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen), will utilize the new network for greater teaching flexibility and implementing a number of interactive education initiatives. These include a Mathematics Learning Activity that will allow students with Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC’s to participate in educational mathematics games anywhere on the school campus. The school also aims to use the wireless network to move towards small group projects and support WLAN enabled research deployments. Mr Jacky Wong, IT Specialist from the Ho Lap Primary School, stated that the extension of the existing wired network with full state-of-the-art WLAN coverage capabilities was made possible through government funding. “We put performance, security, centralized management and cost effectiveness as our top priorities in choosing the right wireless solutions provider,” he said. “After considering a number of vendors, we chose Trapeze Networks for its unique Smart Mobile™ architecture, which offers centralized or distributed data forwarding based on our underlying application requirements.”