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Product Overview
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Product Highlight
Robust Security
Robust security features include IEEE 802.1x port-based authentication and access control lists, ensuring that only authorized users can access your network. Secure management of the switches is available through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the Web GUI and Secured Shell (SSHv2) and TACACS+ for command-line or Telnet sessions. Additionally, up to 8 MIL-SM4804G switches can be stacked and securely managed via a single IP address. For enterprise or workgroup deployments in cost-sensitive organizations, the flexibility of stacking and additional Gigabit capability, MiLAN’s MIL-SM4804G Multi-Layer Stackable management switch delivers the ideal network edge-access solution.

Multi-Layer Protocol Support
In edge network environments, wire-speed performance with full QoS control for all interfaces is critical. The MIL-SM4804G supports up to L2/L3/L4 Traffic Classification/Priority Management where network traffic can be shaped based on IP/TCP/UDP/MAC Addresses. The included 4 Gigabit Ethernet combo interfaces provide unprecedented flexibility, whether you are stacking between switches, attaching bandwidth-thirsty file servers, or aggregating critical data to the core of your network using copper or fiber connections.

Simplified Network Management
Simplify and reduce IT staff workload and mean time-to-repair with intuitive, GUI-based device configuration, and an industry-standard command-line interface (CLI). New front-panel stacking capabilities allow you to build a single-IP manageable device with up to eight switches utilizing standard copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Outstanding Value
With the high-value price point, flexible design, and reduced maintenance requirements, MiLAN’s new MIL-SM4804G Multi-Layer Stackable management switch solution reduces Total Cost of Ownership, yields a high return on investment, and is ideal for delivering highly reliable, converged voice, video, and data services over a single network infrastructure.
  MILAN by TRANSITION 48-port 10/100 Multi-Layer Stackable Managed Switch Datasheet

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