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Product Overview
Peplink is a leader in providing Internet dual-wan and multi-wan routers, which aggregate bandwidth, perform failover, keep 100% Internet uptime and ultimately protect business continuity.
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Product Highlight
-Multiple Internet links guarantee the highest connectivity - Uninterrupted access to business-critical apps such as ERP, SQL, Exchange - Advanced QoS provides best VoIP and video conferencing experience -Up to 1.5Gbps throughput and 13 Internet links for any bandwidth appetite - Individual User Bandwidth Limit to prevent bandwidth hogs - User Group Bandwidth Control for different user types -Bond wireless or wired links to gain abundant bandwidth at any locations
Product Features
- Each Peplink Balance includes 7 advanced load balancing algorithms. - Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers can combine up to 13 Internet connections to allow getting 100% Internet Uptime. - Expert Grade Internet Link Load Balancing. - Use Peplink Balance as a 3G mobile router. - Features Advanced QoS, providing always crystal clear calls and sharp videos. - Link multiple office branches al together using our Site-to-Site VPN Bonding feature. - Built-in PPTP VPN Server can remote computers to securely access internal servers and systems. - Bandwidth Usage Monitor can track of your Internet usage. - DSL/Cable Optimization can maximize the data transfer rate.

Unbreakable VPN

Cost-Effective MPLS Alternative

Combine the bandwidth up to 13 Internet connections
  Peplink Balance Datasheet

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